About Ms Gwagwa & Associates

M.S Gwagwa and Associates is legal firm of Attorneys which was established during January 2000. It was established by Malizo Samkelo Gwagwa, who is the current Director or Managing Director of this developing firm. The legal practice is based in Richards bay, KwaZulu Natal. The practice is based on the principle of transparency, delivery, prompt delivery based on the foundation of the Almighty. The practice started on a small scale and has developed significantly into the market of Zululand District in many fields, facing the district and surrounding areas at large.

Social development

The principle of this legal practice has on many occasions contributed to various individuals and the community financially and other resources.


During 2004 and 2006 respectively, the practice associated with two Legal firms, one in Durban and the other in Pietermaritzburg respectively, Jafta & Co. Inc operating in Durban and Ngcobo Poyo & Diedricks Inc who are based in Pietermaritzburg. The association has contributed to facilitate Civil and Conveyancing in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.



Malizo Samkelo Gwagwa

: B. Juries, LLB (Unitra)
: Labour Law Specialist


Ngcobo Poyo & Diedricks Inc

: 190 Hoosen Haffejee Street
: Pietermaritzburg



: Thoba Poyo-Dlwathi